Healthy Relationships

can be defined in many different ways.  Some of the most prevalent “Traits” in couples who are succeeding are that they:

  1.  Avoiding criticism.  Becoming critical of my partner, and worse yet, describing him or her in not so lovable terms, (i.e. stupid) is one of the first signs the relationship is breaking down.  A brief moment of “Thinking before I speak” can help couples bite their tongues prior to spewing out painful messages.
  2. Avoid becoming a “controller”.  Being a “control freak” might work in guiding your own life, bet when if one  attempts to control their partner, things become problematic.  Try loosening the reigns, and see if your partner doesn’t respond in a positive way.
  3. Trust.  Being open and transparent with your partner is the essence of a relationship and what love is built upon.  Probably one of the best predictors that the relationship is moving off course is when we start “keeping secrets” from each other.  Try to communicate in a more open and honest way and see if the relationship doesn’t take a turn for the better.